Anna Grab

Meet Anna, a gifted and captivating psychic, practices her craft in the United States but also beyond its borders. Her dedication as a professional, combined with her successful entrepreneurial spirit and compassionate nature, enables Anna to connect deeply with every soul she encounters, providing a tailored approach to each individual and guiding them to receive wisdom from the Universe.

From an early age, Anna was aware of her spiritual powers, but understanding and embracing them posed challenges during her childhood. Inspired by her great grandmother Natalia, a renowned healer, Anna began her journey by joining an Orthodox Church in search of answers. However, despite being the only religious child in her family for years, she couldn't find the resolution she sought. At the age of 19, drawn towards spirituality, energy, and the mysteries of the Universe, she ventured away from the religious path.

Eventually, her path led her to the Mystik Moon, where Anna's journey took a significant turn. It was at the Mystik Moon that Anna encountered the teachings of Ruth Talamo, a renowned expert in card readings and the founder of Mystik Moon. Embracing Ruth Talamo's methods, Anna honed her skills day by day, becoming proficient in Psychic Readings with Playing Cards. With over 10 years of experience under her belt, she has mastered the art of providing clear guidance and deciphering the messages the Universe sends her through the psychic cards. Anna's ability to be both an entrepreneur and a psychic is evident in the style of her readings. Her approach is straightforward, delivering spot-on facts with precision and conciseness, thereby making her readings remarkably accurate and enabling her clients to gain the profound insights they need to see.



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