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Crystal Goddess headband

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Embark on an enchanting journey with our captivating crown, intricately crafted from clear quartz points, which are securely attached to the band. Enhanced by delicate golden roses, this crown not only captivates visually but is also easy to wear due to its lightweight design, ensuring both style and comfort in every moment. This crown embodies both elegance and ease, making a statement with its clear quartz points and lightweight design, ensuring a mesmerizing and comfortable adornment for any occasion.

Clear Quartz
•Amplifies energy and intentions
•Enhances spiritual clarity and insight
•Balances and harmonizes the body and spirit
•Promotes healing and positive energy

Rose Flower
•Represents love, beauty, and passion
•Symbol of purity and innocence
•Signifies new beginnings and hope
•Embodies balance and harmony in various cultures


As each piece is crafted by hand, variations in appearance may occur.