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Evil Eye Candle

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Great way to protect and scent your home with this Evil Eye candle. Burn it with protective intensions to keep negative energies and vibes away.

This candle has meaningful design: it is decorated with lapis lazuli, black tourmaline and smokey quartz - all of which are powerful protection stones. The flower is blue cornflower which helps open up psychic abilities and protects from evil energies. 

 Fragrance portfolio: Moroccan Cashmere (including spear mint • lavender • clove bud • eucalyptus essential oil) 

The evil eye charm is tied to the wick. Please cut it off prior to burning the candle, the heat can cause the charm to break. 


3.52” height  • 2.88” diameter 

Made with natural soy wax. 

Product of USA. 


Candle burning precautions:

•trim the wick to 1/4” before every burn 

•for the first time allow it to but for at leas 2 hours to avoid       

•never leave burning candle unattended 

• keep away from children and pets 

•do not burn candle for longer than 4 hours a time 

•keep away from things that can catch fire