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Pink feather and crystals dream catcher

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This gentle pink dreamcatcher is made with natural strawberry quartz and carnelian. Decorated with delicate feathers and a Tree of life symbol. Handmade item.

Dreamcatcher is a traditional attribute of the Native American culture. It is used to protect sleepers from bad dreams and spirits. Placed above the sleeping space, dreamcatchers filter dreams, capturing the bad ones in the “web” and releasing the good ones to the dreamer. 

Tree of life is used in many cultures worldwide., It symbolizes family, unity and ties one to the world. From the roots, from the Mother Earth to the branches touching the sky and the moon, the Tree unites us all. You are never alone and you are always a part of the whole universe.

Strength and growth - the tree with its roots deep in the earth stands strong through the storm.

Symbolizes personal growth - As the tree is changing throughout life - we are changing throughout our lives too, and the experiences shape who we are now and will become.

Symbolizes nourishment and prosperity - like the tree, it is providing shelter and shade to the life we protect and nurture. It helps us grow in everyday life.

Strawberry quartz

•brings loving energies

•helps to discover your path

•helps to find what to do in life

•helps with spiritual awakening and astral travels

•promotes self love and makes you feel more valuable

•its vibrations help with search if a perfect partner or a soulmate


•helps to ease menstrual cramps

•attracts good luck and abundance

•supports your motivation

•helps to find a perfect partner 

•releases emotional trauma and a broken heart


Approx. dimensions:

Diameter 6 1/4” 

Length 26”