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Selenite bowl Big

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A Selenite Bowl can be used for smudging, cleansing, holding crystals or simply as a home decoration.

The way you position your selenite bowl at your space matters:

▸ Place it in the living room or kitchen for harmony and peace

▸ Place it by the bed for better sleep and to cleanse the energy in the bedroom

▸ Place it by the entrance to ward off negative vibrations

▸ Place it at your workspace to stay focused


Since metals absorb a lot of energy, Selenite is Perfect for holding and cleansing your jewelry. So by placing them in a selenite bowl, it will help cleanse your jewelry and make it fresh and ready to wear the next day.

A Selenite Bowl is also a perfect fit for any alter. Selenite is a unique stone and can charge other crystals around, so keeping them in the bowl will charge your crystals with high vibrations. Selenite bowl is also good for smudging. Selenite is considered to be one of the best cleansers for crystals. Keep them in the bowl and under the moonlight overnight for cleansing.

Selenite is water soluble- so please be cautious (avoid water or other liquids)

The best ways to cleanse selenite is by smudging, or a moon light bath.

Selenite's properties:
▪helps to relax and have better sleep
▪clears blockages
▪soothes nerves
▪great for meditation and spiritual work
▪absorbs negative energy
▪mood stabilizer